Company gwa } design has been in business since 2004. We started with graphic design, html-websites and prepress, now we also make CMS-websites, design books and packages, make booklets, do logo creation, web banners, programming, animation, simpler drawings, 3D and other relevant subjects. 

Because the owners of the company are also the workforce, fast and exquisite results are very important. With us there are people with decades of experience as well as the young and innovative. Our goals are results which make both the client and us happy and proud.


  • Sirli

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20 years of experience in graphic design. Working in the arts since childhood. Has completed speciality schools and courses over the years. Feels especially close with illustrations and film.


Overview of Sirli's completed works:   pdf

  • Kerli

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KERLI, partner

Graduated Estonian Academy of Arts in graphic design. Has won awards in book design and exhibition design.


Overview of Kerli's completed works:   pdf

  • Siim

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10 years of experience in computer programming. Has also succesfully completed projects in 3D modelling, 3D/2D animation and building websites. Also very fond of game development.